Partner of your
technological (r)evolution

By bringing together the best, we unlock billions hidden within well-tuned technologies and IT infrastructure.

20 years of experience

100+ clients

600+ million CZK turnover

We’re changing the rules of the technology space. We have the experience, capital and confidence to remove the technological barriers to growth for companies once and for all.

Our mission

We believe in the technological revolution and that it can bring a better world, a functioning economy and motivated skilled individuals.

We are building a group that will become a major partner in the technology transformation of companies large and small. From a fair and secure IT infrastructure to consultations that can move the business forward.

We want to bring about gradual but lasting change. At the touch of a button for any project in the world.


In just four years, we have become the fastest growing provider in Central Europe. Now we want to be the first to ensure that no company has to deal with its IT infrastructure.

What is our


Ready for a long journey

We’ve become accustomed to going after a distant goal. We understand that we must be the ones to take responsibility for the whole journey. We’re not afraid of it. We know that change will not come immediately. That you have to work for it. That the path may lead over obstacles we had not counted on. But we know how to save our strength and we never had a single reason to give up.


We want to lead the way

We have no problem being the ones who lead the way all the time. We are familiar with the pitfalls of dead ends, but also with how exhilarating it is to venture somewhere first and succeed. We enjoy the ability to be those few important steps ahead and know while others are just beginning to suspect. If we believe in something, just because we believe in something will not stop us.


Respect and humility

We know that the best of mutual cooperation will only come about in an environment of mutual respect and humility. It’s the personality of the founders that gave it to the group. We combine different opinions, different personalities and different approaches so that our clients can get the most out of them


We connect

We can unite ideas across generations. We can combine the best of Czech and European IT. We are able to connect opinions within our clients’ companies. We are building a strong community. We are unifying different systems. There is always a solution and we are the ones who want to find it.


We realize ourselves

We have no problem taking a blank sheet of paper and starting to draw everything anew. We know that opportunities and possibilities change so quickly that it makes no sense to close the door on any solution. We think and act in such a way that we put ourselves into every strategy and idea. We can fulfill ourselves through our work and transfer this element to our clients.

For investors and shareholders

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