We build great companies in the IT sector

Twenty years of experience. Hundreds of clients with a turnover in the hundreds of billions of crowns. And three partners who decided to bring a revolution in IT infrastructure from the centre of Europe to the whole world.

Our story has always been about moving forward. We come from a white spot on the map and have been travelling for twenty years to get to the centre of the IT world.

We never minded doing things our own way as long as we knew they made sense. We like to be ahead of the times many times. We went for it, maybe we took some risks, but it paid off.

years of experience
mil. CZK turnover

Investment group Geetoo holding a.s.

We were the first to convince companies in a big way that they don’t have to keep their technology locked up in their own server rooms, but can run it from the cloud. In just four years, we have become the fastest growing provider in Central Europe.

We were among the first to enable companies to purchase IT infrastructure capacity exactly according to their needs. And we were the first to do that and we wanted to explain it to companies. We have gained hundreds of clients.

We were the first to stand alongside them and, in addition to solutions, began to offer ownership of the results in partnership to help companies get to their goals faster. We have earned an exceptional reputation.

And now we want to be the first to ensure that no company has to deal with its IT infrastructure. We’ve set up a holding company that everyone who sees things the same way can connect with.

What we’ve been through

Since the year 2020

We are building the position of Geetoo Technology

We are working to become the cloud leader in the Czech Republic and at the same time gradually start to establish ourselves in Europe. Both are gradually succeeding. Today’s Geetoo Technology s.r.o., the largest holding company, exceeds half a billion crowns in turnover.

Year 2020

Geetoo Holding a. s. is in the world

Geetoo Holding a. s. is born, a business and investment port for all those who believe in what we do. We come at a time when the world is about to get a little more complicated. When the virtuosity of the search for efficiency and the power of detail will return.

Year 2023

New concept

With the support of investors, we are building a new IT concept at the touch of a button. We are becoming an important driver of the consolidation of Czech IT and we are heading out into the world. We’re building a group that’s bigger than a billion-dollar valuation in five years.

Faces of the holding

Vladimír Kvaš

Courage. Steadfastness. Vision. Ownership.

Vladimír is one of those few exceptional visionaries who can predict a goal years away and at the same time find the shortest possible path to it. He has been searching for new directions in the field of IT infrastructure for the last two decades as CO-CEO of Geetoo Technology.

He is the spiritual father of Geetoo Holding. He has a clear vision of what the technological future of the world looks like. He is the type of person who is always in the centre of the action but does not lose the broad context for the sake of detail. His handshake is valid. He appreciates a job well done and likes to give people confidence.

Matěj Žáček

Order. Discretion. Investment. Complexity.

Matěj hides a unique combination: an experienced lawyer and a lifelong IT enthusiast. It predestined him to become not only a key deal-maker of the entire holding, but also a process architect. Both internally and when dealing with partners and new members of the Geetoo family.

His distinctive style combines insight and a rational approach supported by strong intuition. The agreements and treaties shaped by him are characterized by a deeply just handwriting.

Michal Hampl

Technology. Deep insight. Global context.

Michal combines his years of deep insight into the world of technology with the diverse needs of small and large companies. This is both locally and globally. He is the creator of most of the effective technology solutions we use to successfully accomplish our mission.

In Geetoo Holding, he represents its largest member – Geetoo Technology and acts as the main technology consultant for both the group members and its clients. We value him not only for his diligence, but also for his ability to anticipate the unpredictable and work with several scenarios at once.

Companies in the group

Join us and let’s move the business forward together.