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The world is changing and efficient technologies are the first answer to solving almost any challenge.

We want to join the elite league of European providers and administrators of data and IT infrastructure with a valuation of around €1 billion.

Have you had a successful business era and do you agree with our approach? Be part of our common mission.

We focus on
for IT infrastructure

IT infrastructure is one of the key barriers that prevent the economy from moving forward as fast as it could. Expensive, complex for input and for scale. Nevertheless, virtually every company needs it. And they don’t even have to be technologically oriented – this applies to those who don’t know it yet. And the state and public institutions need it too.

As with any infrastructure – electricity, highways, or the Internet – if IT isn’t working properly, you’re not working properly for basically anything. The projects are inefficient, expensive to run and fail to meet expectations.

Investing with us makes sense

The world is changing and efficient technologies are the first answer to solving virtually any problem.

Next year, the global cloud infrastructure market will have a turnover of around 15 trillion crowns, and 38.5 trillion at the end of the decade. IT infrastructure is becoming a strategic prerequisite for economic growth.

At the same time, the economic crisis is forcing some companies to save on IT for the first time in a long time – but few do it well. Every misplaced penny can shut off millions in future turnover for a company. The scissors between the companies that can adapt and those that struggle with the situation are opening up.

15 bil. CZK
38.5 bil. CZK

How and where we invest


Top IT companies

There are hundreds of top IT companies in the Czech Republic and we want to give them the opportunity to do their best work for the biggest global companies.



It is not only in the Czech Republic that a generation of smart IT entrepreneurs is coming to an end. We don’t want key know-how and relationships to go out of business with them.



We follow trends such as the robotization and digitalization of entire industries, the operation of strategic infrastructure, security challenges or the effective implementation of AI.


Positive EBITDA

We invest in companies with long-term positive EBITDA – i.e. positive economic results, long history and take-over in the form of 100% ownership.


Building an ecosystem

In the ecosystem, we are fulfilling our vision of continuously solving companies’ IT problems before they happen.



We can make an offer that will not be refused – takeover of the company and its further development under the wings of Geetoo Holding.

Did you know that

70% of entrepreneurs have no successors

In the Czech Republic, 63% of companies are owned exclusively by the original generation of owners. Of these, 87% are managed solely by the original owner. At the same time, 70% of the owners have no one to hand over the company to and their know-how, carefully built teams and business relationships are likely to disappear. And that’s where our role comes in.

Portfolio of our investments

Our story has always been about moving forward. We come from a white spot on the map and have been travelling for twenty years to get to the centre of the IT world. We never minded doing things our own way as long as we knew they made sense. We like to be ahead of the times many times. We went for it, maybe we took some risks, but it paid off.

We invest in companies that see it similarly and are able to defend their crucial role in the IT ecosystem. The aggregate turnover of our portfolio partners reached over half a billion crowns in 2023.

Geetoo Technology

Geetoo is the leading cloud player in the Central Europe region. Its customers include medium and large companies from all over Europe.

Altos Software

It provides customers with enterprise IT services in the areas of managed services, cloud management, adaptive monitoring and BI tools.

Giant Service

Helps corporate customers with their IT care. 

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